sweet mother monkey ... is it just me... or am I getting stung left right & centre for five pence here & five pence there...
for a plastic bag... a naughty naughty plastic bag!... all too often I'd find myself stumbling out of a shop with my
loaf of bread dangling from my pinky finger, my milk cutting off the blood flow of my arm and the rest of the gumpf
I didnt need but was enticed to buy because it was on offer, balancing for dear life... WELL NOT ANYMORE! Nope... I've wised up to that one and now rock a funky tote bag... and when asked if I'd like a bag for five pence...
(a naughty plastic one at that!) "Erm no... but would you like one of my fun & funky one's?" is my answer...
as I pull out a choice of designs!  ... I mean come on... Jump on the band wagon girls.... any excuse to be able  
to get your hands on a new bag has got to be a goer!

So whether you just want a cheeky little "No I have my own" bag,  a cool addition to your holiday beach  attire, a little beauty to rock in the office, one to stand out of the crowd... or any other reason to have a new bag... the worlds your oyster with these little beauties... with off the peg designs ready to go, or a more personalised option just for you... come on ... bags are like shoes... you can NEVER have too many! 
                                                                        Junie xxx                                                                                         

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