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Nice day for a "BRIGHT WEDDING"

November 21, 2016



OK... So I'm a little late with this one... but hey ... better late than never... & when you see this little beaut... you'll see why it was worth the wait.... Ladies & Gentlemen... May I introduce  
THE Wedding of all Weddings!... aka... the dogs you know whats"

Way back when... a very excited Jessica & John had a natter with me about their upcoming wedding that they had booked at the most amazing wedding venue near the Peak District. With Jess originally from Huddersfield & John from Coventry, they decided on having a location that was half way between both of their home towns...& so The Ashes was booked & confirmed...this is then where the fun began!

& boy oh boy... we had some FUN! Both John & Jess loved the idea of their wedding being unique and very 
very "Them" so to speak, not wanting to fall into a traditional wedding, they opted for bright & bold with a industrial feel... we're talking Old Vintage Doors as table plans, exposed bulbs and bare lampshades hanging beautifully from trees, oversized industrial bull dog clips, funky chevrons, colourful (very colourful) flowers and vases... & BIG MOMMA BALLOONS.... pure and simple white BIG MOMMA BALLOONS... but ... boy did they pack a punch or two in the breathtaking venue.  


Their theme flowed epically from the funky invitations which consisted of a mix of three bold colours, mixed finely with with a crisp white linen card and hints of grey & screamed "John & Jess" all over ... right the way through to the the hangover kits and quirky touches throughout the venue, from the little touches of their personalised dance floor rules, to ensuring no-one got caught with that ugly sobbing pose by having their "NO UGLY CRYING" sign..
to being well & truly prepared for the heavens to open....with a lovely line of clear brollies so they could "DANCE IN THE RAIN" ... & they did just that! 

A vintage door was painted for the table plan and on proud display in the courtyard along with a typewriter , vintage school desk & wired sorting shelves for guests to write them a note...add to this quirky quotes & splashes of colours throughout what was an already breath taking venue - Bulls & all (I kid you not... this place was the nuts)... & that's not even mentioning how the groom & groomsmen looked... now they really did look the nuts in their tweed waistcoats and tailored cut too cool for school outfits....

Not missing out on the shimmering sequins from the bride tribe of bridemaid's.... and "BOHO BEAUTY" at its best... Jess NAILED IT.... (guarantee you swoon at the dress...& headpiece in the pictures!) 

The stormy skies really framed what was an already utterly amazing venue  allowed the lampshades & bright wired bare bulbs to glow from the trees!!! They didn't flinch when the rain poured... they simply smiled & took advantage of what was to be some of the most unbelievably picture perfect moments

To say I had fun creating this would be an understatement if ever there was one... I was in pure...



You only have to check out these pictures to see why! (Grab a cuppa & swoon over these little beauts!) 

Junie xxx



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Nice day for a "BRIGHT WEDDING"

November 21, 2016

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