How do you fancy a little loveliness in your life... fancy good old postman pat rocking up with some "POONIE POST"?!?!? ... Yep you heard me..."POONIE POST" ...a surprise delivery through your door... each "POONIE POST" package will have utter loveliness worth lots more than the pennies you pay ... could be cards, prints... who knows?!?! but if you do fancy a little loveliness through your letterbox... Poonie Post is the answer!


Keep the goodies for yourself, or know that you'll have a corker of a card or pretty print for an awesome someone you want to treat... or... you might just know someone a little like me... (I'm a self obsessed stationery sl*t & would do anything for a lovely bit of stationery) ... treat them... get them a POONIE POST... 


I pinky promise to always include gifts and goodies that are of a higher value than you have paid.

Poonie Post

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