My business cards describe me as a "creator of utter loveliness"  and I do try to as much as possible to live up to that.


I have a distinctive style; my clothes, my home even down to the utter loveliness I create, and I’d say my goodies can be describes as pretty, witty & sometimes a little naughty!


My Mum used to say to me “What’s meant for you won’t pass you by Junie”

She had so much belief in me; so much so that when she was poorly and knew she wouldn’t always be around; she wanted to leave something for each of her children… She and my Dad had a studio built for me in the bottom of my garden; its my place, my haven, where I create Utter Loveliness …& feel a little closer to her.


I feel thankful everyday for my studio… but also know only too well the true price that has been paid.


It was really heart-breaking watching my Mum pass away, but knowing I’m not letting what’s meant for me pass me by gives me the strength and courage to carry on and has enabled me to build a heartfelt business where I can create beautiful Wedding Stationery, Cards, Prints and even Style the most stunning of events for special occasions.


I honestly love nothing more than a random text, email, squeal or shout out on social media when someone has received a Junie Poonie gift or goodie and they know that; within that creation ~ there’s a little piece of me.

june  … or junie poonie as my momma used to call me x x x

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